Lexxicon XL Studios is a professional recording studio dedicated to helping musicians and artists create the highest quality sound and inspiring new artists to take the next step in their music careers.

We plan to help guide all those who seek to make it in the music industry and gain aspiring careers.

Due to Engineers being in training we currently are not offering recording sessions until the second week of April sorry for the inconvenience but we look forward to working with you...

COVID - 19 update from our studio 

Due to COVID - 19 LeXXicon XL Studios is taking extra precautions for all of our clientele and staff. The studios control rooms and all common areas are being cleaned and disinfected numerous times a day. Due to COVID we are no longer accepting more than two clients per session. Prior to entering the studio you are required to wear a mask, if you do not have one we do have disposable ones as well as washable ones to purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience and do look forward to serving you.